Broker Solutions

We help Brokers by being a different kind of partner. A partner with the expertise to complete your agency’s offering.

As a broker, there are many questions that we have the answers to.

Are you helping clients stay up to date on new laws and regulations?

Would you find it helpful to have answers to common questions about FMLA?

Is your client’s 125 plan in compliance with IRS regulations?

Can you guide your clients through reporting needed for the Affordable Health Care Act?

Do you provide your clients with all of the most relevant model notices for their use?

Do you ever need additional guidance or education when tackling HR guidance?

Do you have access to HR tools such as surveys, checklists, interview questions, applications, letters and forms?

Can you assist your clients in crafting and updating employee handbooks / policies?

Do you offer consistent pricing year after year, with the ability to include one stop shopping?

Do you have a full time risk manager with safety programs in place?

Broker Solutions

You often can’t take on all of this by yourself, you need a partner, a different kind of partner. That’s us.

We collaborate with you as peers, adding our areas of expertise to complete your agency’s offering. The world of insurance is evolving quickly. Clients expect and need what you and our firm collectively have, now more than ever.

Keeping up with costs is an integral part of successfully operating our respective entities. As business owners, we tend to seek many professional advisors, such as CPA’s, attorneys, advertising agencies, and management consulting. At Employer’s Risk Administrators, we believe it’s time to consider the same type of outsourcing for your HR burdens.

We utilize advanced technology and practices to streamline our processes for clients.

  • Web-based HR technology self-service platform
  • Employee communications (custom to client)
  • Management reporting integration
  • Payroll and timesheet entry/approval
  • Garnishment administration
  • PTO accruals
  • Benefit deductions and remittance
  • Benefits enrollment (open enrollment and new hire enrollment)
  • New hire onboarding capabilities (all new hire paperwork is entered and completed online, including I-9 and W4)

As regulations continue to become more complex, competition for talent becomes more and more fierce. We understand the increasing demand for inclusive solutions to help attract, retain, and engage employees.

Businesses ideally suited to a PEO typically share these attributes:

  1. The desire to be a better employer, expressing consideration for employee well-being.
  2. Works hard to ensure the business complies with regulations.
  3. Focused on core competencies, helping lead the business to success.
  4. Strained for resources that fall outside of core missions.
  5. Competing for talent with concern about recruiting and retaining staff.

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